Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Edale, Derbyshire


Driving to Edale on Sunday we stopped off to get a few shots of the inversion in the Hope Valley.  The little pointy summit in the distance is Win Hill.  Stunning day.

Edale Slyline-8

Edale Slyline-9

Edale Slyline-10


Edale Slyline-48

Edale village

Edale Slyline-171

Holy Trinity Church

Edale Slyline-51

Edale Slyline-166

With its ancient rookery

Edale Slyline-56

Edale Slyline-25

Looking across the valley to Mam Nick, just below Mam Tor with the last vestiges of the inversion


Edale Slyline-45

No shortage of watering holes

Edale Slyline-46


Edale Slyline-49

and here’s another one

Edale Slyline-63

River Noe

Edale Slyline-68

Descending from Hollins Cross

Edale Slyline-87

Edale Slyline-70

Cairn at Hollins Cross

Edale Slyline-130

Paragliders above Mam Tor

Edale Slyline-134

Edale Slyline-177

Looking across to Grindslow Knott

Stunning day out in a beautiful place, hard to believe it’s only March!

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