Tuesday, 10 April 2012



Really cold today, but a stunningly blue sky and gorgeous white fluffy clouds accompanied me and Bruce on our short run today.  I was looking for something to use for the blipfoto challenge this week, which is ‘Awful’ - yeah right!


Contender No. 1

This was gonna be it, I mean the ‘Danger of Death’ is pretty grim as well as the contraption around the pole – reminded me of a mantrap in one of those old films!


But a mile or two down the road, came across this roadside ‘shrine’ I guess you’d call it.  Never too sure about these, but it certainly seemed to fit the bill.  This is on our regular route, but I’d never really stopped to look at it before.  The teddy has obviously been there a while, but the little flowerpot man looks like a recent addition.  No idea about the backstory, but obviously a tragedy for some family.


Blue seemed to be the theme for the day, with this farmer’s twine tied around this old gate post for no particular reason as it wasn’t apparent why it was being held together. 


Just lovin’ that sky!

Anyway by the end of it my hands were a very similar blue colour – a lot colder than it looked…

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