Friday, 25 May 2012

Top Lock

Stopping off at the canal on the way home tonight, well it is Friday (YAY!) I was looking out for something to fit the blip challenge for this week ‘Rough’.  Well actually there were some good examples at the pub, but I didn’t fancy getting thrown into the canal, so I headed off in the other direction.

Beautiful blue skies, shadows and I found a few things that fitted the bill, but which one to go with?


I like the rough texture on the end of the lock gate


The wall with its variety of plants has a certain charm


Tree bark is always interesting



The rough pasture with its daisies and buttercups is quite charming


Cobbles and paving fit the bill


This one with the added attraction of the gate was the main contender


But eventually this one got blipped for its depth of field and sharp focus on the rough texture on the surface on the top of the lever of the lock gate

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