Sunday, 24 June 2012

Borsdane Wood to Haigh Hall - Saturday 23rd June


After a night of torrential rain the moors were abandoned for a local run through Borsdane Wood with the Brook in spate yet again.


Borsdane Brook


Just missed a shower

Out across the fields to head to the Golf Course




Pennington Green – shame about the modern windows

The golf course was deserted apart from a pair of Oyster Catchers – which were too quick for my camera.


Flooding on the golf course

Out to the Canal and the dredger which can be seen at different points on the canal was moored.


The Skipton

Left the canal at the bridge leading up to Haigh Hall


From there up to the Hall and up to the Balcarres Arms and home giving me just over seven miles.  Enough for this summer Saturday!  Passing the Hall preparations were well underway for a wedding later in the day.  I though this shot through the window looked quite interesting.


Waiting for the guests

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