Sunday, 29 July 2012

Coope’s Dozen 28th July 2012


This annual event is not run as a race, but rather as a group outing.  However there are groups within the group.  The route was devised by John Coope who completed, along with me, ten of the 12 summits covering the Winter Hill/Great Hill area in an 18 mile route.

Coopes Dozen-131

SuperCoope taking the lead along Smithills Res

This year two groups quickly/slowly emerged.  The fast group completed in about four and a half hours whilst the rest of us took a more leisurely and at times hysterical approach!  With no cairn to be found at the summit of Spitler’s some folk set about building one – whilst others told new boy Tom that the tradition was for everyone to carry the biggest rock they could to the end! 

The miles sped by in good hearted banter amongst which we included:

Coopes Dozen-121

Posing for pictures – we did a lot of this!  As you can see here

Coopes Dozen-133

Enjoying the views

Coopes Dozen-134

Loving the banter

Coopes Dozen-142

Eating the gorgeous home made cakes and tea and coffee provided by Elaine

Coopes Dozen-146

Lining up for more cake

Coopes Dozen-151-Edit

Capturing the amazing cloud formations

Coopes Dozen-162-Edit

Admiring the finger post on Great Hill

Coopes Dozen-179

Planning the next outing! 

You might gather from this that the social group took a bit longer to complete the course, but everyone who did the full route ran 18 miles and climbed almost 3,000ft.   A great outing with gradely folk  -  it just shows fell running can be fun as well as challenging,  Many more snaps of the day here including some of us actually running Smile

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Wasdale Fell Race –14th July 2012


Great conditions on the day gave Ricky Lightfoot a commanding lead at Sty Head which he maintained to the finish.

Wasdale FR-130

Race winner

Wasdale FR-132

Early lads through!

Wasdale FR-134

Wasdale FR-136

Wasdale FR-139

Wasdale FR-146

Wasdale FR-149

Wendy storms through Sty Head to take 1st V60 outright – Yannis supporting many runners through the hause


Bowland boys! Chris, Leigh and Ian Smile

Wasdale FR-145

Wasdale FR-150


Wasdale FR-156

Meanwhile back at the start….

Wasdale FR-544

Limbering up

Wasdale FR-545

Finding out where to go

Wasdale FR-551

Keeping an eye on the paparazzi!

Wasdale FR-547

Getting the electronics sorted

Wasdale FR-552

Wasdale FR-553

Wasdale FR-558

Yannis – watching the proceedings

Wasdale FR-562

Getting an update

Wasdale FR-563

They’re off

Wasdale FR-569

Let the climbing commence!

Wasdale FR-570

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Liverpool – Monday 9th July


Life in the slow lane just now with father-in-law down for a visit, and very enjoyable it is too, apart from the weather that is.  Today’s wet weather option was Liverpool, much more to do and see than one day allows.  

A stroll around the docks, in the very brief bit of blue sky.


The Mersey, Birkenhead on the far bank

Maritime Museum, with it’s current Titanic exhibition is well worth the free entry.


Paddle Steamer engine

The ornate and completely OTT table decorations of the White Star Line celebrate the different trades required to build the ships.  Can’t decide what this one is – some sort of steel rope it seems.  More here if it’s of interest.



Vintage fire engine and crew!



Model of Liver Building and Bird 


Part of the swing bridge mechanism manufactured at Haigh Foundry


Friday, 6 July 2012

Rain in Keswick – Sunday 1st July


Continuing this summer’s theme Sunday dawned very wet.  Leaving Langdale, we stopped off at Ambleside and had a wander up to the waterfall five minutes out of town.


Below Stockgyll Force



A chance to catch up with friends for lunch in Keswick, where the rain continued.


Moot Hall


Good to see that the flood defences have been successful preventing the all too familiar flooding which occurred.  High water levels not surprising after the continuing rain.


River Greta

After lunch we wandered across to Fitz Park to see the runners come in from the Skiddaw fell race.  Quite a few familiar faces running in the race, although they wouldn’t have seen each other as the cloud base was so low.


Practising panning!


Skiddaw’s up there somewhere

Good to catch up with folk and a coffee sitting outside – under canopy at Briyson’s with Steve finished off the day before driving home.


Few detail shots in the rain!




Great to be in the Lakes whatever the weather Smile