Saturday, 14 July 2012

Wasdale Fell Race –14th July 2012


Great conditions on the day gave Ricky Lightfoot a commanding lead at Sty Head which he maintained to the finish.

Wasdale FR-130

Race winner

Wasdale FR-132

Early lads through!

Wasdale FR-134

Wasdale FR-136

Wasdale FR-139

Wasdale FR-146

Wasdale FR-149

Wendy storms through Sty Head to take 1st V60 outright – Yannis supporting many runners through the hause


Bowland boys! Chris, Leigh and Ian Smile

Wasdale FR-145

Wasdale FR-150


Wasdale FR-156

Meanwhile back at the start….

Wasdale FR-544

Limbering up

Wasdale FR-545

Finding out where to go

Wasdale FR-551

Keeping an eye on the paparazzi!

Wasdale FR-547

Getting the electronics sorted

Wasdale FR-552

Wasdale FR-553

Wasdale FR-558

Yannis – watching the proceedings

Wasdale FR-562

Getting an update

Wasdale FR-563

They’re off

Wasdale FR-569

Let the climbing commence!

Wasdale FR-570

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