Friday, 26 October 2012

Joss’s Backyard - Buckbarrow


As is the tradition on the Sunday morning after the ‘Joss Dinner’  at The Bridge, Joss leads a walk from Greendale Bridge.  This year the weather gods were on our side producing glorious conditions.  This year the route took us over Buckbarrow and back down Greendale Gill.

We stopped off for a few photos of Britain’s favourite view on the shores of Wast Water and it couldn’t have looked better.

JNC Weekend-541

Looking down Wast Water to Yewbarrow, Great Gable and Lingmell

JNC Weekend-523


JNC Weekend-532

…and again!

JNC Weekend-517

Nether Wasdale

JNC Weekend-520


JNC Weekend-545


JNC Weekend-549

Lingmell and the Scafells

JNC Weekend-553

Buckbarrow from Greendale Bridge

JNC Weekend-564


JNC Weekend-571

JNC Weekend-568

Farm at Buckbarrow

JNC Weekend-577

and from above with Tosh Tarn behind

JNC Weekend-593

Joss and his dogs

JNC Weekend-611

Buckbarrow Summit

JNC Weekend-618

JNC Weekend-620

JNC Weekend-628

The Scafells and Mickledore

JNC Weekend-645

JNC Weekend-631

Joss’s tribute to the Queen Mother

JNC Weekend-654

Back to Greendale

JNC Weekend-661

Via the Millenium Seat

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wasdale - Dore Head - Scoat Fell–Steeple Sat 20th October

Leaving home in sunny conditions, by the time we arrived in Wasdale via the coast road it was a little disappointing to find ourselves with poor visibility and the fell tops clagged in.  We set off from Over Beck Bridge up along the beck towards Dore Head.

JNC Weekend-107

Waterfall – Over Beck

JNC Weekend-101

Still plenty of cloud around as we got to Dore Head.

JNC Weekend-125

The Broken Tooth from Dore Head just visible through the cloud

Continuing the climb up to Red Pike the cloud began to lift.

JNC Weekend-135

Sun breaking through, looking across the Mosedale Valley

JNC Weekend-139

Looking back at the path up to Stirrup Crag, Wasdale head below and the shoulder of Lingmell now visible through the clould

JNC Weekend-142

A little higher and Scafell Pike emerges

JNC Weekend-148

Looking down the Wast Water the camera struggles with the conditions, but I rather like the effect

JNC Weekend-154

Blue sky now on Red Pike

JNC Weekend-156

Scoat Fell emerges

JNC Weekend-158

JNC Weekend-162

Looking back to Scafell

JNC Weekend-165

and across Mosedale to Great Gable wreathed in breaking cloud

JNC Weekend-175

Pillar from Red Pike summit

JNC Weekend-179


JNC Weekend-185

Walkers on Red Pike

JNC Weekend-208

Walkers approaching Steeple

Down for refreshments in the Wasdale Head Inn before making our way to the Bridge  Inn at Santon Bridge where we are staying for the Joss Naylor Challenge dinner.  Great night celebrating the achievement of sixteen completers.

JNC Weekend-511

Joss in the centre back row with some of the sixteen who completed the challenge this year

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Langdale Fell Race Sat 13th October 2012

Amazing conditions for the Langdale Fell Race yesterday.  A short walk/climb with Keith who’s recovering and building fitness.  After a very poignant start to the race after the tragedy of last weekend the runners set off up to Stickle Tarn and into the Langdale Pikes.  We took the path up to Pike o’Bliscoe to see them later on the route.  A short shower hit on the climb, but then as we approached the summit we emerged through the cloud to look back at Pike o’Stickle, the Guarding of the Langdales.

Langdale FR-117

Pike o’Stickle emerging from the clouds

Langdale FR-106

Great Langdale

Langdale FR-109

Race start – the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel with shafts of sunshine beginning to pierce the cloud base

Langdale FR-118

Bow Fell in the cloud

Langdale FR-120

Looking back to Pike o’ Blisco

Langdale FR-127

Langdale FR-128

Langdale FR-130

Another spectator

Langdale FR-134

Clouds in the valley with Pike o’Stickle standing proud

Langdale FR-139

Langdale FR-144

Langdale FR-137

Langdale FR-147

Langdale FR-148

Langdale FR-150

Skiddaw in the far distance just below the cloud

Langdale FR-154

Crinkle Crags

Langdale FR-156

Bow Fell

Langdale FR-166

Runners heading back to Pike o’Blisco

Langdale FR-172

Langdale FR-171

End of the Crinkles

Langdale FR-173

Langdale FR-175

Langdale FR-179

Walkers on Crinkle Crags

At the end of the Crinkles is the Bad Step.  Many runner chose an alternative route, but others tackled it head on.

Langdale FR-185

Langdale FR-189

The queue on the Bad Step

Langdale FR-205

Lending a hand

Langdale FR-194


Langdale FR-199


Langdale FR-200

Langdale FR-203

Langdale FR-210

Looking down to the Langdale Valley below from the summit

Langdale FR-215

Raven surveying his territory

Langdale FR-219

Heading down The Band

Langdale FR-224

From the valley

Langdale FR-229

Reflecting on a superb day in the Langdales