Saturday, 6 October 2012

Horderns, Belmont, Winter Hill, Smthills Res, Winter Hill, Two Lads – Saturday 6th October


Stunning sunrise and wonderful low level lighting today.   Looked out of the window this morning and thought – this could be good…   and it was.

Sat Run-242

St Peter’s Belmont from Blue Lagoon

Looked out of the bedroom window and saw this and began to plan a route to get the best of this amazing light.

Sat Run-100

Looking out from bedroom window

Arrived at Rivington Lower Barn about 8.15.  Brilliant sunshine and with the sun low in the sky some gorgeous light.

Sat Run-105


Sat Run-108

Low sunlight reflections

Sat Run-110

Out to Lower Houses with Ed having caught up with John who was off on a recovery run.

Sat Run-202

Superb lighting all around picking up the grasses and leaves on this sycamore tree

Sat Run-207

We headed out to Dangerous corner hoping to see an inversion north of Winter Hill, but the strong sunlight had burnt this off already.

Sat Run-215

Looking up to Dangerous Corner

Taking a line from Spitler’s Edge above the Quarryman’s path  we could see the inversion out towards Bury

Sat Run-221

Could Inversion

Stunning light with the low angle strong sunlight picking up the contours of Winter Hill

Sat Run-226

The Flats and Winter Hill from Hordern’s Stoops – above and below

Sat Run-229


Sat Run-247

Looking back to Spitler’s Edge from the Blue Lagoon

Sat Run-251

Preston and Preston North End Football ground from the climb onto Winter Hill

Sat Run-260

Reflecting on the transmitters on Winter Hill

Sat Run-261-Edit

Clouds rolling in as we head towards Smithills Reservoir

Sat Run-266

Looking out to Manchester in the distance with Bolton in the mid-ground and Smithills Reservoir in the foreground

Sat Run-268

Raining in Manchester

Sat Run-269

Sat Run-271

Sat Run-273

A great to be alive and out day – a 12 mile meander, climbing 2,104ft according to the Garmin.  I couldn’t help stopping to take lots of photos and Ed was happy to go with the flow.  Great to stop and chat with folk and just to experience the wonderful conditions of the day – just so lucky to be able to do this Smile


  1. A rare sunny day in 2012 and very well captured. Glorious colours and strong light, great stuff.

  2. I love the colours, just beautiful :-)

  3. I love the colours, just beautiful :-)