Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Saturday - Pigeon Tower –Two Lads – Wimberry Hill Trig –Winter Hill

Saturday was weather to dream of on Winter Hill so hoping for more like this over the winter months.  Only a sprinkling of snow could possibly have improved things.

Winter Hill-100

Drive up to ‘Top Barn’

Winter Hill-104

Pigeon Tower in the distance

Winter Hill-108

Loving the sky on the run up to Georges Lane

Winter Hill-123

Lookout Post!

Winter Hill-134

Cyclists catching the rays

Winter Hill-138

Some great reflections to be had after the rain overnight

Winter Hill-145

Winter Hill-155

Winter Hill-147

Winter Hill-152

Winter Hill-154

…and the real thing

Winter Hill-160

More snapping than running with skies like this!

Winter Hill-166


Winter Hill-194

Winter Hill-196

Winter Hill-199

Winter Hill-201-Edit

There go the cyclists again

Winter Hill-205

Winter Hill-215

Smithills Reservoir emerges from the mist

Winter Hill-221

Winter Hill-227

Back up to the mast

Winter Hill-228

Winter Hill-235

Winter Hill-239

Here they come again

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  1. As always, another excellent set of images. Didn't see anything like that when I walked round Roynton Rd, Belmont Rd, Georges Ln, Old Rake and Green Ln with Margaret on Sunday. I must keep my eyes open in future!