Monday, 12 November 2012

Soller - Alfabia - Sementer Gran - Es Cornadors Barranc de Biniaraix


Friday – and for the second consecutive day we visited the summits of Sementer Gran and Es Cornadors and descended the amazing Barranc.  This was our last day of walking in Mallorca and we had arranged to meet our friend from Blipfoto the daily photo journal that Ian and I subscribe to.   Seeing someone calling themselves Sollergirl on blip meant an instant subscription and on hearing that we would be staying in the Port for a week we arranged to meet up with Rachel and her boys at the Cafe Paris in Soller today at 4.30pm.

We parked at the top of the town near the Botanical Gardens and made our way through Soller passing the Cemetery to pick up the path which would eventually take us up onto the Alfabia ridge.


Early morning and the day looks good - two fishermen at the end of the jetty try their luck before the sun rises over the mountains to shine on the Port


Looking back to Soller with the burning of the olive wood creating a haze – the Port in the distance


Funghi in the woods on the way up to the ridge


Plateau below Alfabia Ridge – a simple hunting lodge with the Port beyond


Ian at Alfabia summit


L’Ofre (centre-left) with Massanalla (1382m) the island’s second highest peak beyond  (right) -  no time to visit Massenalla on this trip but a summit that we’ve visited on more than one occasion previously

The mist was really atmospheric and kept hiding and revealing the peaks all around.  We now had a decision to make.  Should we re-trace our steps back along the ridge to the telecommunica-tions masts and head back down to Soller where the car was.  Or should we press on to Sementer Gran and Es Cornadors and return to Biniairaix via the Barranc, bearing in mind we were meeting Rachel and the Boys in the Plaza at 4.30pm.  Well we did a rough calculation and decided we just about had time to carry on.


Telecommunications masts on the Alfabia ridge from the summit


and two minutes later!


Me at Alfabia summit trigpoint


L’Ofre as the clouds roll in

We picked up the pace to Sementer Gran before heading to the Refugio (hut) just below the summit of Es Cornadors.  As we had been on the summit yesterday we chose to save a little time and head directly down to the Barranc and Biniaraix.


A brief stop to say hello to the donkeys below Es Cornadors

Dropping into Biniairaix was slightly disappointing as we then had to cover the couple of miles back to Soller to pick up the car!  We made it to the Plaza having had a quick freshen up and change of clothes not long after 4 o’clock with time for a beer before meeting everyone at the Cafe Paris for coffee and cake.


Me, Rachel, Little Agu and Ian with Ben doing the honours and taking the photo

Rachel and the boys were delightful company and filled in some of the gaps in our knowledge of Soller and the places we love to visit in the area.  The boys also corrected us on our pronunciation of some of the names – thank you Ben and Agu!    We will be back Smile


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  1. Mushrooms, a trig and an international Blip meet, what more can one ask for on vacation.