Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Tuesday - Es Tossals (3435ft) and Puig sa Font (3507ft) from Cuber


Clear from the outset that the weather forecast was correct and rain would arrive late morning, so early breakfast and the drive out to Cuber for the beginning of this outing.


Looking back to Cuber Reservoir on the climb up to the ridge

Sure enough a heavy shower and the camera went away just one more shot on the descent having reached both summits.


Looking back up to the summit of Es Tossals on the run back to the car at Cuber

And then it was back to Soller for hot chocolate and a spot of lunch.


Not a day for sitting out

A stroll up to the station at the top of the town to see the wonderful little mountain train arriving from Palma where Bill (Ian’s Dad) alighted having been into the city for the morning.  Back to the Plaza for more coffee and cake then Smile


Return to the Port for supper.


North cliffs of the harbour at Port de Soller


No sailing today for the pleasure boats


From the balcony harbour lights with the lighthouse top right of centre

Wednesday – Lluc and Porto Pollensa

Having watched the forecast all week, Wednesday was always going to be the poorest day weather wise, so this was the day we had a bit of a tour of the north of the island taking Bill with us.  Our first stop was the monastery at Lluc.




A drive round the northern coast with brief stops between heavy showers in Alcudia and then an extended lunch in Porto Pollensa made for an enjoyable day for all.  Late afternoon and the storms had passed through, but the fishing boats hadn’t ventured forth all day.




Late sunshine in the Port


Tram heading back to Soller from the Port



Good to get down to the beach for a bit of late sunshine


and a beer before dinner


After dinner a nightcap overlooking the harbour – weather looking good for the morning Smile

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