Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Week


So this is what it would be like to be retired -  Bring it on!   Despite the dreadful wet weather we’ve been out and about.  Without a spell of good weather it hasn’t been worth while travelling further afield – so local favourites have been visited.

Christmas Day – rain all around, but managed to stay mostly dry on our run from the house.  Main festivities on Boxing Day for us due to nephews working.




Boxing Day – beautiful start to the day, but lots to do.  Chose the sales (very productive) over an early run, but stopped to take a couple of snaps from the roadside.





Great day with the family.

27th December -  our annual outing with good friends out from Belmont to the Strawberry Duck for lunch.  Heavy rain on the drive out to Belmont, but again we succeeded in staying dry on our walk over the moor and back.


Steve and Ian on the Amble route – heading to Entwistle Res


Lunch at the Strawberry Duck


Heading back the skies were clearing in the west


Winter Hill from Longworth Rd



As we turned to look back at Cheetham Close, at the north end of Turton Heights the hill was illuminated by the setting sun. Near to the modern trigpoint there is an early Bronze Age stone circle which is part of a 'complex of ritual/burial monuments', which also includes two ring-bank cairns, two small cairns of unknown structure, and at least two outliers all of which are Scheduled Ancient Monuments. Radiocarbon dating using palaeoecological evidence suggests they emanate from c2000 BC.  Seeing the way the low winter sun, close to the winter equinox, illuminates this site perhaps suggests why these people considered it sacred.


A sacred place


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  1. Your captured images continue to throw up the compositions that have the power to move me. This time, it was the Boxing Day berries.