Sunday, 27 January 2013

Not in Service

The thaw is almost complete making the going underfoot wet and slushy unlike yesterday’s snow.  Whilst out for my run this morning, I found myself at the farm that has the old bus graveyard.  The farmer was about and I asked his permission to take some photos of the old buses.  He seemed quite bemused that anyone would want to do this but had no objections, saying that he was in the processing of clearing them. 

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This one seems to be the oldest with a wooden framework.  Couldn’t see any manufacturer’s mark.  Couple more shots below of the same bus.

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My sources tell me that this is what it would have looked like – sorry about poor quality pic.


1949 Daimler CVD6 with a Weymann body

Couldn’t get rid of the sunflare even by converting this one to black and white, but included it because of the metal box for ‘used tickets’. 


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The shrubbery has almost consumed this one.

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Whilst this one has a tree growing inside the driver’s cab!

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No. 7 looks like it might have been the last one to be delivered.

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Along with this Bedford Lorry.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Moor Field Trigpoint

So having packed our bags for a Lakeland adventure, the snow stopped play.  Our good friend Keith had already got to Dunmail Raise but that was as far as he could get and spent the night in the car.  Luckily he had his sleeping bag with him and had bought a pork pie in Windermere!  Got home at 10.30 this morning.

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Looking through the patio window Friday night – glad we didn’t set off M6 was closed in both directions – would have been a long cold night!

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Reflecting on what could have been!

Didn’t fancy the drive over to Rivington this morning, so decided to run from home out across the fields and up to Moor Field Trigpoint.  All in all just over seven miles of glorious snowy brightness with blue skies mostly and some interesting cloud formations now and again.  Just a few pics to scroll through – stunning day.  Shame it’s all going to disappear overnight.

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Chatted to a couple of lads enjoying the wintry conditions, out to shoot a few pigeons, didn’t ask them if they made pigeon pie – one of my grandads favourites.

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Our lovely neighbours were out at 11.30 last night apparently and built this snowman – what fun!

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Mr. Twig Eye

Up along the farmtrack with the old bus graveyard across the field.

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The light was so different depending on which direction you were looking.

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Into the sun

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Looking north

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and again into the sun with some interesting clouds beginning to build

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Cold, crisp and even

No-one else had been anywhere near Moor Field Trigpoint and it was glorious to run across the virgin snow

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Bullrushes around the frozen pond

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Here it is, er not the highest trigpoing in the UK, but the one closest to my house

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Looking back to Moor Field Trigpoint

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Appropriately a saltire for post Burns-night celebration!

This small flock of mainly Hebridean sheep are now kept as pets, but the owners used to show them.  Lovely animals, very timid – must be hard just now for the livestock and for the farmers, and the big thaw won’t help matters.

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Across the railway

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Borsdane Farm

As I reached the end of Borsdane Wood I heard what sounded like children in the school playground and looked across at the hill on the other side of the wood.  It was exactly that kids and their parents were having lots of fun sledging – even a couple of snowboarders.  Wouldn’t it be great if it was like this every weekend!

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Just through the woods briefly before crossing the bridge and climbing up to the higher ground and into the sunshine

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The weir

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Heading back

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The Single Oak

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and home

Well it wasn’t the High Fells of the Lake District, but it wasn’t bad either!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Spoilt for Choice

What a sunrise this morning.  Normally from Monday to Friday I’m scratching around for something reasonable for my photo a day blipfoto challenge.  But today it was a tough call choosing one of these.  Did I choose the right one?

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1.  From the front door

and then the Leeds Liverpool Canal – always a good place to stop on the way to work

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2.  Leeds Liverpool Canal at New Springs – low angle

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3.  Signpost on LL Canal – my choice for today

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4. Leeds Liverpool Canal from the bridge

… and then there was the  sunset

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5. Red sky at night

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6.  Snowy field

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7.  The Lane

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8. Fence

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9.  Telegraph Poles

Well was it the right one?  If you have time leave a comment or a message on my blipfoto or on wfdbwgua Rolling on the floor laughing

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter Hill Fun - Saturday 19th January

The first real snow of the winter and we got to play in it! 

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Chinese Gardens

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Approaching Rivington Pike

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Rivington Reservoir from The Pike

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Pigeon Tower from The Pike

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Main path up to The Pike

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Georges Lane

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Leaving Two Lads

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Looking North West from Noon Hill