Thursday, 3 January 2013

Last Day of Freedom! – Borsdane Wood


Today I enjoyed the last mid-week run in daylight for some time.    Pretty grey, but there’s always something to see, mostly that you didn’t expect.  At the end of the woods these three young women were starting their running journey with the goal of completing a 10k in March.  No worries!

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New Year, new ambitions!

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Bridge over Borsdane Brook

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Path up to Keeper’s Cottage

Few more shots from familiar places, but the light always brings something new.

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Still plenty water

Up through the cemetery at Hindley and back along the farm tracks.

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Winter Walkers

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Crossing the dismantled railway line that once served the village and collieries of Aspull, before crossing the A6 where the Jarvis Hotel now stands, at Hilton House.

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Old railway bridges above and below

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