Sunday, 27 January 2013

Not in Service

The thaw is almost complete making the going underfoot wet and slushy unlike yesterday’s snow.  Whilst out for my run this morning, I found myself at the farm that has the old bus graveyard.  The farmer was about and I asked his permission to take some photos of the old buses.  He seemed quite bemused that anyone would want to do this but had no objections, saying that he was in the processing of clearing them. 

updated (4 of 7)

This one seems to be the oldest with a wooden framework.  Couldn’t see any manufacturer’s mark.  Couple more shots below of the same bus.

updated (1 of 1)


updated (7 of 7)

My sources tell me that this is what it would have looked like – sorry about poor quality pic.


1949 Daimler CVD6 with a Weymann body

Couldn’t get rid of the sunflare even by converting this one to black and white, but included it because of the metal box for ‘used tickets’. 


updated (1 of 7)

The shrubbery has almost consumed this one.

updated (3 of 7)

Whilst this one has a tree growing inside the driver’s cab!

updated (5 of 7)

No. 7 looks like it might have been the last one to be delivered.

updated (6 of 7)

Along with this Bedford Lorry.

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