Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Spoilt for Choice

What a sunrise this morning.  Normally from Monday to Friday I’m scratching around for something reasonable for my photo a day blipfoto challenge.  But today it was a tough call choosing one of these.  Did I choose the right one?

updated (2 of 10)

1.  From the front door

and then the Leeds Liverpool Canal – always a good place to stop on the way to work

updated (3 of 10)

2.  Leeds Liverpool Canal at New Springs – low angle

updated (4 of 10)

3.  Signpost on LL Canal – my choice for today

updated (5 of 10)

4. Leeds Liverpool Canal from the bridge

… and then there was the  sunset

updated (6 of 10)

5. Red sky at night

updated (7 of 10)

6.  Snowy field

updated (8 of 10)

7.  The Lane

updated (9 of 10)

8. Fence

updated (10 of 10)

9.  Telegraph Poles

Well was it the right one?  If you have time leave a comment or a message on my blipfoto or on wfdbwgua Rolling on the floor laughing

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