Saturday, 16 March 2013

Kirkstone Pass and Stockgyll


Early get up for the Lakes this morning.  Weather very disappointing with heavy rain on the way up turning to snow as we headed over the Kirkstone Pass

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Blizzard conditions at Kirkstone Inn

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Bit of a re-think on plans for the day Ian opted for an attempt of the Fairfield Horseshoe whilst I headed out for a low level run from Ambleside out to Stockgyll Force through the woods.

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Couple with umbrella

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Bridge over Stockgyll beck

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The weir

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The money tree on the way up to Stockgyll Force

and finally Friday night’s foray onto the Leeds Liverpool Canal at sunset

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…with those amazing clouds

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LLC – detail probably used for tethering the ponies that pulled the barges along the canals

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