Sunday, 31 March 2013

Pendle Hill – Easter Sunday 31st March

We set off in clear, cold conditions.  Additional layers required nearing the summit at 1,827 ft the run in from near Whalley gave us just over twelve miles over well walked paths with good views of the Yorkshire Three Peaks.

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Passing the ruin on Clerk Hill at the start of our outing

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Pendle Hill in the distance

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Ian approaching the prominent cairn erected by the Scouts association on the main path along the northern edge of the Pendle plateau.  It commemorates a former Clitheroe doctor and scout district commissioner Gordon 'Peri' Hampson, who died in 1985

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This substantial shelter was erected in 1983 on the Pendle Hill Plateau – a popular lunch stop with walkers

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Ian heading for the summit trigpoint on Pendle Hill

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and arriving!

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Looking back to the summit on the way down

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Unusual bit of ironmongery on one of the gates

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No idea what this is – at one of the farms on the way down boiler? incinerator?

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