Saturday, 13 April 2013

Winter Hill and Great Hill Saturday Run

Blue skies and fluffy white clouds this morning accompanied us on our run over Two Lads, Winter Hill, Spittler’s Edge, Great Hill and back via White Coppice giving us a decent fourteen miles. Back held up reasonably well so a good outing in fine conditions before the rain came on after lunch.

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Looking promising as the sun hits the Lower Barn at Rivington

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Half Mast – as the clouds on the tops begins to clear – from Georges Lane

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The Mast from Two Lads Cairns

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Still a bit of snow on the tops

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Great Hill Summit above and below

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Darwen Tower from Great Hill Summit

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Looking back to Winter HIll from the track to Brinscall

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Ice beginning to melt

It’s been a while since we’ve headed out to Brinscall and these underground animal shelters have always been a mystery.  Having done a bit of research I think their origin was covered in a BBC Countryfile programme in April 2012 which featured the story of the lost farms of Brinscall moor, numbering about 50. The tenant farmers were encouraged to move out when the land was acquired under compulsory purchase order, in the 1902, by the Liverpool Corporation Water Works, which needed to secure a source of pure drinking water. The Corporation proceeded to plant trees across large areas of land on the moor. This deliberate afforestation effectively removed the pasture for the farms' sheep grazing and by the 1930s all the farms had been deserted.

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The Lost farms of Brinscall Moor

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From Brinscall along the Goyt to  the village of White Coppice and its cricket pitch and pavillion

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White Coppice

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From the path back to Rivington from White Coppice

Great morning out on the tops in good company Smile

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