Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Ryvoan Bothy – Monday 27th May

Parking at Glenmore Lodge we set off to climb two Munros but with the weather deteriorating rapidly our plans soon changed and we pitched up at Ryvoan Bothy for some welcome shelter for lunch.


Reasonable conditions at the start


Sunshine and clouds at Ryvoan Bothy


Rain and sunshine from inside Ryvoan Both

After a respite from the conditions outside we decided to tackle the Corbett Meall a’Bhuachaille above the bothy.  With wind so strong we could barely stand, the ridge beyond the shelter was not an option, and after gaining the summit shelter we retraced our steps for the day.


Ian braving the elements beyond the shelter with what you can see was almost like a mini-tornado


and that’s where we had planned to be, the tops enveloped in the clouds


Clearer to the west


dropping out of the wind back to the bothy


where we found this little ptarmigan chick, seemingly on its own


Passing the Green Loch – looking decidedly blue on our way out

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