Saturday, 30 November 2013

Pigeon Tower, Two Lads, Winter Hill and Bomber Memorial


Leaving the house to get over to Rivington the sun was just breaking the horizon – new it would be a good one

Pigeon Twr WH-21

and it was great conditions for this morning’s run over the moors.  Headed off before the others to get some shots of the Pigeon Tower or Lady Leverhulme’s sewing room.  Up through the ornamental gardens and into the sunshine.

Pigeon Twr WH-29


Pigeon Twr WH-38


Pigeon Twr WH-45


Pigeon Twr WH-61

Rest of the runners emerge below Rivington Pike

Pigeon Twr WH-64

and at the Pike the views are stunning in every direction

Pigeon Twr WH-69

Pigeon Twr WH-79

Pigeon Twr WH-83

Everybody’s out for a run this morning

Pigeon Twr WH-85

Approaching two lads onTwo Lads

Pigeon Twr WH-96

Pigeon Twr WH-98


Pigeon Twr WH-111

Pockets of frost where the sun hadn’t reached

Pigeon Twr WH-125


Pigeon Twr WH-113

A seat with a view

Pigeon Twr WH-127

Pigeon Twr WH-140

Lead Mines Clough

Pigeon Twr WH-146-2


Pigeon Twr WH-148

Back to Rivington Green

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Belmont, Winter Hill and Great Hill

A glorious winter morning and so I headed to the other side of Winter Hill to Belmont to get the best of the rising sun.  Well worth the effort.  A run up the ramp to the summit of Winter Hill down to Hordern’s Stoop, Spitlers Edge to Great Hill, down to Tockholes to pick up the Witton Weavers Way and back to Belmont.  A wonderful morning on the moors covering just over eleven miles with a fair bit of climbing : )

Belmont WH-43

Looking across Bolton to the Peak District

Belmont WH-51

En route to Belmont via Scout Road

Belmont WH-62

Belmont WH-87

Belmont WH-104

Belmont WH-150

St Peters Belmont

Belmont WH-159

The old Bleach Works with Lower and Higher Whitacre Farms beyond

Belmont WH-161


Belmont WH-167

Heavy frost before the sun reaches the road

Belmont WH-177

Lower and Higher Whitacre farms

Belmont WH-189

Looking up to Winter Hill

Belmont WH-190


Belmont WH-196


Belmont WH-200


Belmont WH-203

Wind farm on the horizon

Belmont WH-207

‘The Ramp’ up to the summit of Winter Hill

Belmont WH-213

Fiddler’s Ferry on the horizon from Winter Hill

Belmont WH-222

Manchester – the Beetham Tower emerging from the low cloud

Belmont WH-224

Winter Hill from Spitler’s Edge

Belmont WH-229

and back to Belmont

Belmont WH-234

The path to Great Hill

Belmont WH-239

Great Hill Summit

Belmont WH-245

Looking back to Great Hill summit

Friday, 15 November 2013


A slow start to Sunday after the excesses of Saturday night at Shap Wells.  Ian and I set out to bag a few Wainright outlyers completing a horseshoe around Bannisdale from the A6 south of Shap.  Glorious sunny day with the low sun producing amazing shadows and detail on the fells.


RC Weekend-47

RC Weekend-48


RC Weekend-150


RC Weekend-153

A6 heading North to Shap and beyond

RC Weekend-157


RC Weekend-161


RC Weekend-165

A6 heading south to Kendal

RC Weekend-192


RC Weekend-194

Looking down into Bannisdale

RC Weekend-216

Trigpoint at White Howe looking out over Morcambe Bay

RC Weekend-219

Fleeting shadow on the ridge with Cross Fell capped in snow beyond – turned round and this had disappeared

RC Weekend-230

This for Hazel – Humphrey Head with Heysham Power Station beyond and the sun on Morcambe Bay

RC Weekend-234

Deep shadows from the low sun

RC Weekend-236

RC Weekend-238

RC Weekend-243

Wonderful little outing to bag five summits in the clearest light for a long time – just one other runner seen Smile