Thursday, 14 November 2013

Dockray, the Dodds, Sticks Pass and Glencoyne

An early start to get up to Dockray for to join fellow Rucksackers for a walk out from Dockray.  Setting off into the greyness which turned into a whiteout on Great Dodd.  First snow of the season!  Finally dropping down to Sticks Pass with views of Ullswater in sunshine.  Excellent outing before heading for the Shap Wells Hotel for the Annual Dinner.  Great that our Principal speaker and guest for the weekend was able to join us on the walk.  The Ramsay Round is the Classic Scottish 24 hour challenge first completed by Charlie on 9th July 1978, seventy five hardy beasts have completed it since. 

RC Weekend-20

Dockray in drizzle

RC Weekend-37


RC Weekend-39


RC Weekend-48

Snow heading our way on the climb onto Great Dodd

RC Weekend-76

Blencathra beyond the snow laden clouds

RC Weekend-87

and west Catbells

RC Weekend-90

RC Weekend-88

RC Weekend-94

Onto Great Dodd

RC Weekend-47

Mr Charlie RamsayRC Weekend-97

Leaving the summit

RC Weekend-103

Down to Sticks Pass with Ullswater below

RC Weekend-108

Sheffield Pike ahead

RC Weekend-111

Dropping below the snow line down to Glencoyne

RC Weekend-113

and into the sunshine

RC Weekend-123


RC Weekend-124

Looking back to Sheffield Pike from Glencoyne

RC Weekend-136

High Street in sunshine

RC Weekend-141

Admiring the view

RC Weekend-148

Rainbow in the distance


  1. Great set of pictures. (This may be the second attempt to say so and if it is, please just ignore it.)