Saturday, 30 November 2013

Pigeon Tower, Two Lads, Winter Hill and Bomber Memorial


Leaving the house to get over to Rivington the sun was just breaking the horizon – new it would be a good one

Pigeon Twr WH-21

and it was great conditions for this morning’s run over the moors.  Headed off before the others to get some shots of the Pigeon Tower or Lady Leverhulme’s sewing room.  Up through the ornamental gardens and into the sunshine.

Pigeon Twr WH-29


Pigeon Twr WH-38


Pigeon Twr WH-45


Pigeon Twr WH-61

Rest of the runners emerge below Rivington Pike

Pigeon Twr WH-64

and at the Pike the views are stunning in every direction

Pigeon Twr WH-69

Pigeon Twr WH-79

Pigeon Twr WH-83

Everybody’s out for a run this morning

Pigeon Twr WH-85

Approaching two lads onTwo Lads

Pigeon Twr WH-96

Pigeon Twr WH-98


Pigeon Twr WH-111

Pockets of frost where the sun hadn’t reached

Pigeon Twr WH-125


Pigeon Twr WH-113

A seat with a view

Pigeon Twr WH-127

Pigeon Twr WH-140

Lead Mines Clough

Pigeon Twr WH-146-2


Pigeon Twr WH-148

Back to Rivington Green

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