Saturday, 28 December 2013

Aspull Farms

It’s just wonderful to have the freedom to be outside in daylight hours – granted I’d prefer a bit of ice and snow, but I’ll settle for the low winter sun.  A run out from the house along the many paths and farm tracks.  I like to stay out of the woods unless it’s really windy when the trees give protection, but there’s little light and sky to be seen – so today was one for the open skies Smile

Local Run-25

The telegraph poles that march past Keeper’s Cottage and on towards Fiddler’s Ferry power station about thirty miles away in the distance

Local Run-5

Great opportunity to get a little sunburst in these conditions

Local Run-13

A bit muddy, but who cares!

Local Run-15

Local Run-27

Local Run-29

Local Run-32

Local Run-38

Aldred’s Farm

Local Run-52

Taylor’s Farm with the reflection from the windows captured in the puddle on the track

Local Run-55

Another sunburst as I got back home

Friday, 27 December 2013

Up to the Water Tower

A nice little run out with Bruce, my sister’s Patterdale, this afternoon.  Picked out a few paths that were sheltered from the wind on the way up to the water tower.  Dramatic skies all around, but no rain while we were out – certainly blew the cobwebs away Smile

Brucies run-1

Brucie’s stairway to heavan and the fields above

Brucies run-4

Great clouds

Brucies run-5

Oak Tree

Brucies run-8


Brucies run-18

Bruce on the lane

Brucies run-19


Brucies run-24

Rain not far away

Brucies run-34


Brucies run-37

Bruce at the pond

Brucies run-47

Wonderful low sun as we trot back through the woods

Brucies run-53

Christmas Day on Winter Hill

Good to get out for an hour in reasonable conditions – bank of cloud rolling in over the moors and stormy skies beyond.


Walker Fold-1

Walker Fold

Walker Fold-5


Walker Fold-10

Ian approaching the Mast Road

Walker Fold-16

Mist rolling across Winter Hill from Two Lads

Walker Fold-18

and in the other direction

Walker Fold-21


Walker Fold-26

Heading to the summit

Walker Fold-30

Bosun’s Chair with the mast beyond

Walker Fold-31

Dog Walkers

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Walker Fold Walk

A different kind of outing for a Saturday with a walk rather than a run.  Great to catch up with good friends – been too long.   A nine mile walk seemed tougher than a nine mile run as it takes that much longer!  Dodged the torrential showers – although they could be seen all around… and then some excellent tapas and wine to end the day, perfect Smile


Sat Walk-2

Heavy showers all around

Sat Walk-4

Please!   Get my good side

Sat Walk-12

Sat Walk-14


Sat Walk-22

Heading to the summit

Sat Walk-25

Bosun’s Chair – for  engineers working on the mast

Sat Walk-29

After the rain

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Healey Nab and Great Hill

Enjoyed wonderful conditions for this morning’s run over Healey Nab, down to White Coppice and up and over Great Hill.  Saw the rain approaching, but just back at the cars before it arrived – perfect Smile


Sat Run-4


Sat Run-10


Sat Run-26


Sat Run-28-Edit


Sat Run-31


Sat Run-33


Sat Run-36


Sat Run-40

Approaching Healey Nab

Sat Run-48

Dean Black Brook

Sat Run-50

Heading up to Great Hill summit