Saturday, 28 December 2013

Aspull Farms

It’s just wonderful to have the freedom to be outside in daylight hours – granted I’d prefer a bit of ice and snow, but I’ll settle for the low winter sun.  A run out from the house along the many paths and farm tracks.  I like to stay out of the woods unless it’s really windy when the trees give protection, but there’s little light and sky to be seen – so today was one for the open skies Smile

Local Run-25

The telegraph poles that march past Keeper’s Cottage and on towards Fiddler’s Ferry power station about thirty miles away in the distance

Local Run-5

Great opportunity to get a little sunburst in these conditions

Local Run-13

A bit muddy, but who cares!

Local Run-15

Local Run-27

Local Run-29

Local Run-32

Local Run-38

Aldred’s Farm

Local Run-52

Taylor’s Farm with the reflection from the windows captured in the puddle on the track

Local Run-55

Another sunburst as I got back home

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