Sunday, 8 December 2013

Barrow Bridge to Winter Hill

A frustrating afternoon – having uploaded these photos they looked completely different on the blog.  Found that google have recently implemented a change which involved the software ‘enhancing’ (!) the images during the upload to the blog.  Finally found how to stop this from happening but will have to trawl back to get some of my recent posts back to the point where the images are actually what I exported. 

However the better part of the day involved a gentle run up to the trigpoint on Winter Hill from the former mill village and now scenic spot of Barrow Bridge.  Great skies, if a little damp underfoot!

Barrow Bridge-2

Barrow Bridge-8

Barrow Bridge-12

Bridge over the stream

Barrow Bridge-25

A nice set of trees

Barrow Bridge-40


Barrow Bridge-43Barrow Bridge-44

Smithills Reservoir on the way up to Winter Hill

Barrow Bridge-49

Everything seemed to be pointing to the path back down

Barrow Bridge-61

Bit soggy underfoot

Barrow Bridge-68

Back in Barrow Bridge

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