Sunday, 26 January 2014

Darwen Tower and Great Hill

Set off in reasonable conditions rom the village of Belmont.  Changeable weather en route, but thankfully made it back to the car before the real nasty stuff arrived.  Twelve and a half miles and a brief run with Brian, a truly inspirational guy and fellow Rucksacker Smile

Belmont Drwn Twr-3

Leaving home

Belmont Drwn Twr-7


Belmont Drwn Twr-25

On the way to Belmont

Belmont Drwn Twr-31

St Pete’s Belmont

Belmont Drwn Twr-33


Belmont Drwn Twr-56


Belmont Drwn Twr-59

Controlling the flow

Belmont Drwn Twr-80

or not…

Belmont Drwn Twr-98

Leaving the road

Belmont Drwn Twr-129

and onto the Witton Weavers Way

Belmont Drwn Twr-133


Belmont Drwn Twr-135


Belmont Drwn Twr-138

Heading upward

Belmont Drwn Twr-147

First views of Darwen Tower

Belmont Drwn Twr-152

Brian leads the way to the Tower

Belmont Drwn Twr-162

and has a minute while I take a few snaps

Belmont Drwn Twr-173

One of the ‘Lost farms of Brinscall Moor’ – the ruins of Pimms with the path up to the summit of Great Hill ahead

Belmont Drwn Twr-176

Looking across to Winter Hill from Great Hill

Belmont Drwn Twr-188

Summit shelter on Great Hill

Belmont Drwn Twr-193 Mountain bikers on the path over Spitlers Edge

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Skippool Creek


A short run this morning before heading over the to the Fylde coast to Skippool Creek.  Only ever been there when the tide was out so got there for high tide with some gorgeous light to pick up the details on some of the old boats and jettys – it’s a bit of graveyard as you can see.




























Saturday, 4 January 2014

Saturday Run

As the storms at sea continued,  a dry run against the forecast with just over eleven miles out over Spitler’s Edge and up to Great Hill.  From White Coppice the shockingly muddy new path – not to be taken again, as the old path is much more scenic and better under foot.  From there a gentle run in, below the quarries and back through Rivington Green to the Lower Barn.  Second outing in three days so 20 miles for the year so far and a decision to keep a record for 2014.

Poor light for photos and so just three from the outing to give a record of the conditions – great to be out : )


Sat run-7


Sat run-15

Great Hill Summit shelter

Sat run-17

Approaching the summit shelter on Great Hill

Thursday, 2 January 2014

First Run of the Year

Bit of a social nine and half miles over Pike, Winter Hill and twice over Two Lads.  Best weather for days meant a good outing and a bowl of soup in the Barn for afters Smile

Rivi Run-2

Up through the Chinese Gardens

Rivi Run-18

Looking across to Two Lads – next stop from the Pike

Rivi Run-31

Georges Lane

Rivi Run-49

On Two Lads

Rivi Run-54

Approaching the Mast on Winter Hill

Rivi Run-57


Rivi Run-65

From clear skies earlier, clouds heading in by lunch time