Sunday, 18 May 2014

Pike, Two Lads, Winter Hill, Great Hill and Round Loaf

Sunny Saturday morning on the moors over the above giving a very pleasant eleven miles Smile



Sprinting to Winter Hill summit


Cattle on Spittler’s Edge


On the summit of Great Hill looking back to Winter hill summit


and again from the summit of Round Loaf


through the woods to…


the Bomber Memorial

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Great Skies

On Winter Hill tonight.  Just two of us getting in just over six miles Smile












Saturday, 10 May 2014

Buttermere Sailbeck Fell Race 2014


Not great conditions for the race today but a good time was had by all.  The hot chocolate, scones and company in the tea room in Buttermere were exceptional – I wasn’t tempted at all to brave the incessant rain to venture onto Whiteless Pike to get any shots of the runners after the start Smile

Buttermere Sailbeck-74

Race Organiser Rhys Findlay-Robinson facing the runners at the start

Buttermere Sailbeck-84


Buttermere Sailbeck-94

and they’re off

Buttermere Sailbeck-13

Buttermere Oak

Buttermere Sailbeck-18


Buttermere Sailbeck-24

St James Church, Buttermere

Buttermere Sailbeck-57

Buttermere Sailbeck-49

Fleetwith Pike across the Lake

Buttermere Sailbeck-71

Red Pike

Buttermere Sailbeck-60-Edit

Timeless Buttermere

The Bridge Hotel, Buttermere


Buttermere Sailbeck-60-Edit-Edit

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Borsdane Wood

Recovering from a nasty cold so no running today, instead got the bikes out and did a bit of a cycle tour on our running routes across the fields and back through Borsdane Wood.  The wood dates back to before 1600 and  is looking stunning just now with bluebells, whitebells and swathes of wild garlic which is quite pungent – in a good way Smile


Borsdane Wood-12

Wild Garlic in Borsdane Wood


Borsdane Wood-23

A few pics at the weir

Borsdane Wood-28


Borsdane Wood-36-Edit-Edit


Borsdane Wood-38

Soil erosion has uncovered the root system of this ancient specimen

Borsdane Wood-43

A magnet for dogwalkers