Wednesday, 31 December 2014

It was all going so well!


Sunday was our annual walk with good friends from Belmont over to the Strawberry Duck at Egerton.  We hadn’t even set off from  Belmont when I slipped on a patch of black ice outside the front door breaking my fall with my arm – yeah you can guess the rest.  We carried on with the walk as actually the pain wasn’t too bad for me, although I did think the arm was broken.  An excellent lunch in the Strawberry Duck and a glorious walk back to Belmont with the reward of a stunning sunset.  Didn’t seem any point in going to A&E that night as the wait would have been horrendous.  Went along to the health centre at 7.00am Monday morning, only to find the X-ray department didn’t open until 8.30!  So still a wait, but first in the queue for confirmation that the radial head in my left forearm is fractured.  Still – clean break, no caste, I’m right handed and it’s not stopped me walking – could have been a whole lot worse Smile


A quick stop off on Scout Road – Bolton and Manchester beyond.  The tall building in the distance is the Hilton Hotel




Entwistle Reservoir













Looking across to Winter Hill from above Catherine Edge – made the best use of all the daylight today

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